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  International Workshop on Language Production

The workshop is a venue for multi-disciplinary discussion of cognitive science research on how the brain produces language. Each event is organized around poster sessions, and a few hour-long keynote-style talks. Selected talks from previous editions have been published as full articles in special issues of the journal Language, Cognition and Neuroscience (formerly Language and Cognitive Processes).

IWLP 2016 will be held on

July 25-27, 2016

at La Jolla, CA, USA
University of California, San Diego

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Scientific committee
Victor Ferreira, University of California, San Diego
Tamar Gollan, University of California, San Diego
Adam Buchwald, New York University
Alissa Melinger, University of Dundee
Marina Laganaro, Université de Genève
F.-Xavier Alario, Aix-Marseille Université & CNRS

previous events

2014 Geneva

Special issue
LCN: 20##, ## (#)

2012 New York City

Special section
Cognitive and neural constraints
on theories of language production
LCN: 2015, 30 (3)

2010 Edinburgh

Special issue on
Current trends
in language production
LCN: 2014, 29 (6)

2008 Annapolis

Special issue on
The neural bases
of language production
LCP: 2011, 26 (7)

2007 Munster

Special issue on
Sublexical, lexical,
and supralexical information

LCP: 2009, 24 (5)

2006 Chicago

Special issue on
Situating language production within the matrix of human cognition
LCP: 2008, 23 (4)

2005 Maastricht

Special issue on
Words, pauses, and gestures:
New directions in lang. prod. research

LCP: 2007, 22 (8)

2004 Marseille

Special issue on
Architectures, representations and
processes of language production

LCP: 2006, 21 (7&8)

 For further information, please contact
francois-xavier.alario ## univ-amu.fr

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